WordPress Site Development

WordPress Site and Blog Development

Insight Forge has a sweet spot for building sites that are WordPress-Powered. When most people think of WordPress they think of the free blogging platform, which is also great. However, the real power of WordPress is the ability build completely unique pages with full customization options to capture the look and feel your business requires. WordPress provides a robust Content Management System that enables you easily add new pages as well as install a wide variety of plugins.

Most of all, WordPress is an incredible tool for search engine optimization. Using a combination of standard functions as well as SEO plugins, WordPress gives a site the potential to maximize its SEO efficiency.

Insight Forge has developed WordPress sites for companies in a variety of industries, including software, travel / hospitality, professional services and small businesses. We’ve also created hosted WordPress blogs for companies that integrate seamlessly with existing corporate webpages. Whatever your company’s WordPress needs are, Insight Forge has the expertise to carry your project out.