Online Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing: Distribution & Production

Insight Forge produces, edits and distributes online video advertising to promote your business or product. We have a deep base of experience in video that will ‘catch’ online and increase brand awareness, focusing on the current trends and programming. We handle the process from pre-production to post-production, working within our client’s budgets to efficiently create a meaningful video message.

We also have a wide variety of experience in the distribution of online video for SEO purposes. Video sites like YouTube are often ranked highly for keyword searches in a variety of industries. It makes sense that when a company uploads a video it is optimized for search engine optimization. In fact, SEO can often be the most important part of distributing a video online.

Whether you’re a small business that needs a commercial to generate initial awareness, or a large corporation looking for an extra avenue of branding – Insight Forge can provide your answers.