Organic SEO Strategy

San Franciso SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a mystery to some, however to us it’s a fairly standard process. When it comes down to it, there are a series of steps that you can take to get your website on the way to getting ranked highly for target keywords. Our goal is to efficiently and cost-effectively exercise these strategies so that you can increase relevant traffic to your site, and in the end increase the volume of customers using your product or service.

Our Search Engine Optimzation Process

Keyword Analysis & Research:

The first step involved in a search engine optimization campaign is research: evaluating the site’s current keywords, meta-data descriptions, competitors, current search engine standings and metadata architecture to determine an overall SEO strategy. This means determining the exact keywords and search terms that will resonate with your company’s potential audience or market. The next step is to insert any changes necessary into the site’s pages: copy, keywords, titles, metadata, and CSS modification.

Content Creation:
We also recommend that a company integrates a built in WordPress (or another server compatible) blog to provide a place for ongoing content in their industry. This helps Google or any other search engine ‘notice’ that this website is an industry leader in regards to a specific set of keywords. We often design, maintain, and update our client’s hosted blogs for SEO purposes.

Another strategy for search engine optimization is to create off-site content that links back to a website. This strategy which includes writing and submitting articles to directories and social aggregation sites ensures that a site is pushed in the right direction for organic rankings.

Link Building Services:
We will develop and execute link building strategies for your website to ensure optimal search engine performance. This includes article and blog writing, directory submission, social networking efforts, KML scripting, forum creation and commenting, among other methods.

SEO is not a one-time project. It is integral to keep track of the competitive playing field and update your website’s SEO structure accordingly. These updates can range from consistently providing fresh relevant content on and off your site, as well as modifying your site’s keyword structure to compensate for any search engine variance.

We specialize in maintaining these updates for you as well as making sure any new pages on your site are implemented with SEO in mind.