Page Speed Optimization

Optimization to Improve Google Page Speed

A new feature to the world of search engine optimization is Google Page Speed. Page Speed is a score and report that Google provides for a webpage based on a variety of factors that include how fast and efficiently a web page loads. Recently, Google has decide to place greater weight on this page speed score in terms of where a site ranks organically. Essentially, the better page speed a site has, the better chances they have of making it onto the 1st page of Google’s organic listings. This is a win-win situation for Google and site visitors: Google is able to serve Adsense ads in a more optimal environment, and site visitors have a more seamless user experience.   This is why Page Speed is so important for any website.

A page speed report provides very detailed findings on why your specific web page is or isn’t loading optimally. High, medium and low priority items are drilled down to each specific detail that needs to be fixed. Some of the more common high priority problems include leveraging browser caching, enabling compression and optimizing images on the page. The fixes for these problems are easily accessible and reparable for Insight Forge’s page speed SEO specialists. We can rapidly provide your site with an improved page speed score, which in turn will let Google ‘favor’ your site over those with lesser page speed scores.

For the best in Google page speed optimization, simply contact Insight Forge for a free on site estimate and quote.