Groupon Marketing

Groupon and Social Coupon Marketing

Another cutting-edge method to getting direct customers for your business is Groupon. You may have heard much about it in the news recently, but have you taken advantage of this incredible service yet? Insight Forge can help you get on your way to utilizing Groupon and other social coupon services to give your business a head start.  First – what exactly is a Groupon, and why should you try it out?

Groupon and other services like Living Social essentially are new and improved forms of coupons which enable customer acquisition at a never-before-seen efficiency. A Groupon enables your business to create a deal which only is activated when a certain volume of customers sign up for it. This is a win win strategy for both business and customer. So far, a multitude of businesses have risen from the ground and obscurity using Groupon’s novel method.

Insight Forge has been at the forefront of the Groupon revolution – commandeering several innovative and successful campaigns. We’re glad to create and run a campaign for your business as well teach your team the ins-and-outs of using this novel service.