Twitter Marketing

Twitter: Your 21st Century Customer Service Representative

What is Twitter? What’s a tweet? More importantly, why is everyone talking about it? Twitter is a free communication tool where users can send and read brief blurbs called ‘tweets,’ to provide their ‘followers’ with updates. Today, Twitter has nearly 200 million users who are providing updates on a variety of topics; from the mundane trivialities of everyday life to breaking news stories from across the world.  Twitter enables any individual or business who has something to say to have voice heard.

So how can your business use Twitter to get more customers? Just like Facebook, Twitter is a tool for starting conversations with your customers. It enables customers to see what your business is up to (new deals, openings, coupons, etc.) and also lets them contact you with their compliments, reviews, concerns, and questions. Essentially, Twitter is your customer service representative for the 21st century.

Insight Forge has created and managed Twitter accounts for a variety of businesses and service sectors. We provide service any way you need; whether it’s creating and having full control of your business Twitter profiles or training your employees on the best techniques and strategies for utilizing the micro-blogging service.