The 99th annual Bay 2 Breakers race will take place in San Francisco on May 16th 2010. Among your standard runners, the race includes a horde of Bay Area revelers, some heavily costumed and some without clothes at all. Because of the proximity of Silicon Valley, with more geeks, coders, social media enthusiasts, and Web 2.0 entrepreneurs per square foot than anywhere else on earth, the Bay 2 Breaker costumes usually represent a good cross section of internet trends.

I recently read a Wired Magazine article that anointed crime fighter alter egos to several of the tech billionaires, including Bill Gates, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos. I wonder if any Bay 2 Breakers runners/party-goers will take it to heart and dress like their favorite tech mogul? Anyone else have any good costume ideas? The team here at Insight Forge is still brain storming a good one.

From Wired Magazine May 2010