A wise man once said: “building incoming links to a page are an important component to SEO and Page Rank.”  Actually, it was probably some SEO guy that said that.  Anyways – getting links to your local franchise landing page is an important strategy for pushing your site up in search engine rankings so your customers can find you – if you go about it the right way.

There is a right way and wrong way to link building.  Let me elaborate:

The Wrong Way to Link Building: Pay some link building service to submit your site to hundreds of random directories.  Although this would seem to be a cost efficient and fast way to get a ton of incoming links to your site, it won’t have the long term effect you’d like.  You want the sites linking to you to be relevant to your content, not some random directory that clearly is a paid service.

The Right Way to Link Building: Think about other websites that have to do with your town, state and service sector.  These are the sites you want to link to you.  You can try ‘reciprocal linking’ by contacting the site’s webmaster and saying “I’ll link to your site if you link to mine,” although it’s pretty hard to get some of those micro-deals going.   There are also pay-for directories that have specifically to do with your location or service sector that would be valuable for you to get listed on.  Keep the price in mind, as some of them are known to overcharge.

The ‘best way’ to get links to your site though is by creating content that people genuinely want to link to, because it has some value to them.   This is why it’s so important to keep putting out fresh and relevant content on your franchise page.  Hopefully, if your content is interesting or entertaining in some way, shape or form- somebody out there will link to it.

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