So you’ve got the hang of updating your twitter feed, blog, and Facebook account on a regular basis. You still don’t have much traction though.  What could be wrong?  One possibility is you aren’t providing your readers with valuable content.

Think about it from your reader’s perspective. Why should they be reading your blog posts and tweets?  What’s in it for them?  This comes down to the basic content value proposition.  Value can mean entertainment value or informative value – anything that your end user can take away from the content that you produced.  If you are just pumping out useless posts that no one in particular would find interesting, you probably won’t get that much traction.

Try and think out of the box.  Tie what’s going on in your franchise territory to local news, or pertinent geographic, or historical information.  Try and get in your customer’s / reader’s head and make sure they would find value in the content you are providing them.

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