San Francisco is truly a unique place.  We’ve recently been working with several local businesses & stores within the city, helping out on various fronts.  Some businesses need a basic SEO overhaul or a PPC campaign, others require more complex work.  The amazing thing about local San Francisco businesses  is how attuned they are to internet marketing – from social media to Google local listings.

When speaking to several local business owners, it became apparent that being internet savvy was considered a necessity.   Considering the fact that much of San Francisco works in the tech / internet sector, this makes a lot of sense.  Any storefront that utilizes some form of online marketing improves their chances of getting the right eyes on their business.

Take a restaurant for example – a new, trendy bistro that is opening in San Francisco’s SOMA district.  Although the bistro technically will be able to survive based on its great food, service and prime location, they are still missing a key ingredient.  In San Francisco, reaching out to foodies via Twitter, making sure that you are on top of the SEO food chain and getting a YouTube clip featuring organic ingredients embedded on the website can make the difference between a good and GREAT restaurant.   Keep in mind, the difference between a good and great restaurant might not be completely be about food and service, it could also be about the customer feeling ‘connected’ with the restaurant, which is the role social media can fill.

Overall, its great to live in a city where the ‘real world’ is very in sync with the ‘virtual world’ – meaning there isn’t a complete disconnect between working on web pages for a living and the eating a delicious meatball sub downtown (does that make any sense?).    Anyhow, the Insight Forge team would love to get in touch with more local businesses – whether it be for the purpose of San Francisco SEO, PPC campaigns, design, social media, or whatever else.