gym 445We recently implemented a basic SEO campaign for our local Inner Sunset Kickboxing & Jiu Jitsu hotspot, Gym 445.   Gym 445 is a great place to get whipped into shape as well as learn a variety of martial arts, from muay thai kickboxing to brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA.  Head trainers Edge Brown, Bebe Etzler and Bret Bergmark are top notch.

Even though the monthly keyword traffic for ‘san francisco kickboxing’ isn’t extraordinary, it is extra relevant.  In fact, when I first moved to the Inner Sunset, I initiated my search for a kickboxing gym by Googling those very words: ‘San Francisco Kickboxing.’  Sure, you get a bunch of yelp reviews, but I also often find myself clicking through the 1st and 2nd page results to see what else might be out there.

On our initial keword research it was very interesting to take a survey of the competitors for keywords like ‘San Francisco Kickboxing.’ Although many of the results were relevant for various obscure martial arts, they weren’t straight kickboxing gyms.

I think the same problem might occur for many other local establishments that aren’t utilizing the basics of SEO.  Almost every local business realizes that they need a website presence, but many still are overlooking SEO.  If more jump on board, hopefully some of those Google results will shape up too.